Professional Development

Small-Final-CoverOver my lifetime so far, I’ve had careers in retail management, human resources, teaching, and now writing. I’ve attended, and presented at, many conferences and staff development seminars. I always come away from these experiences energized and motivated, ready to take on the world and succeed!

Recently, I took an online Continuing Studies class at Stanford University called “Publishing Options in Today’s Book Publishing Industry: What’s Right for You?” The required text was Jane Friedman’s book pictured here, and the instructor was Martha Conway. Prior to this course, all my development courses in writing focused on dialogue or character development or story arc–all about craft rather than the business. This class assumed students had a finished manuscript and were ready to explore publishing. I’ve already self-published four books, and I’m ready to explore other avenues for my next book. This class was perfect for that. (Thanks, Martha!)

Supported by Friedman’s book, we talked about self-publishing, traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and crowd-funded publishing–which was new to me. We worked on pitches, book descriptions, synopsis, query letters, and building an author platform. Friedman’s book went on to discuss book launches and actually making money as a writer.

As usual, I finished the class excited and ready to work. I now have a plan to make my writing more successful as a business as well as a direction for my new book, Aloha Spirit. Prepare to see me more often on my author Facebook page, on Twitter, on Goodreads and the ALLI forum, and even on my baby new Instagram account. I even embarked on a monthly newsletter. Do you want to hear the news first about Aloha Spirit and my other books? Read excerpts before everyone else? Join my mailing list! Do it today, and I’ll send you August’s newsletter!

So all this week I’ll work on polishing Aloha Spirit, outlining book #6 (I’m going to have to start calling it something…), blog posts (check), and social media posting. On Monday, I return to school for my last year of teaching before retirement. On Monday, it’s all day professional development for teachers. Somehow, I know I won’t be as motivated by that day as I was by my writing class. Onward!

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